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Evo Morales

Source: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/If-US-Didnt-Invest-in-War-Worlds-Probl...

"If US Didn't Invest in War, World's Problems Solved..." - Evo Morales (2017)

'Bolivian President Evo Morales denounced the United States' decision to increase by more than US$54 billion its military budget Sunday, saying that many of the world's problems would not exist if the U.S. did not invest in war and intervention.

Speaking at a rally in the municipality of San Pedro in the department of Santa Cruz, the president affirmed that the U.S. allocates around US$700 billion for weapons, military bases and interventions in countries with abundant natural resources.

"If that money was used for cooperation or to fight poverty, we could solve so many problems," said the head of state.

He repeated that his administration was committed to prioritizing investment guaranteeing food production and improving the economic situation of Bolivia's communities.

He pointed out that despite the effects of a severe drought due to climate change, the prices of various products did not increase much in the country, due to state action to protect small producers.

The Bolivian leader, who is a former coca farmer, is known for repeatedly criticizing the U.S. militarized approach to drug eradication efforts, which he argues have proven to be “ineffective” and counter to ensuring respect for human rights. He also accuses the U.S. government of using the so-called "war on drugs" for geopolitical gain, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.'

+ If US Didn't Invest in War, World's Problems Solved: Evo Morales (2017):
+ http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/If-US-Didnt-Invest-in-War-Worlds-Problems-Solved-Evo-Morales-20170423-...

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