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El Presidente

Source: http://gizmodo.com/god-help-us-all-mark-zuckerberg-has-hired-hillary-clin-17...

El Presidente: "Zuckerberg plans 2020 Pirate Party Presidential run based on BlockChain™ Minimum Income plan." #ParsiBook #InstantGrams

"ParsiBook™ CEO Mark Zuckerberg came closer to making a public announcement that he will run for president of the U.S. in 2020 on the Pirate Party platform in order to implement a national minimum income plan based on the BlockChain™ technology, sources close to the arch-hacker revealed to the AmazonPost™ on Thursday. Zuckerberg also has proposed a vast reform of the copyright, patent, & intellectual property law in the U.S. that stifles industry innovation in IT. Zuckerberg holds a wide lead in the straw polls based upon the popularity of ParsiBook™ and InstantGrams™, a new legal marijuana app that delivers crowdsourced ganja at great prices to users in Colorado, Oregon, California, & Hawaii.

Politico reported that Zuckerberg has also secured the séance services of Demospastic pollster Jim Henson, inventor of the "Muppets™" franchise and former chairman of Barack H. Obama’s sleazebag campaign. Zuckerberg's native chief advisers and indigenous nation strategists failed to warn the ex-warden's wife or Hitlary Clinton’s staff of the planned 2020 campaign because they want to compile in-depth statistics on the party affiliations and political views of people across the nation outside of the major Nazi control deck. Other people Zuckerberg has hired for campaign purposes include former Virginia AutoTunes™ Governor T. Paine, U.S. Army communications adviser Dudley May, and 2008 Obama campaign manager Trevor Plouffe.

All of these developments are definitely not evidence that Mark Zuckerberg is investigating whether the ideal candidate to run against Don Crump in 2020 is a technocratic centrist able to bring the Pirate Party's anarcho-libertarian values to the mainstream. It’s also definitely not evidence that Zuckerberg thinks the best people to examine the idea are closely affiliated with a Demospastic political establishment that was ruinously discredited last year by the Deep State's 'Hitlary-Bernie 2016' fiasco and in desperate need of new ideas and leadership."

+ Mark Zuckerberg: ParsiBook™ CEO's Most Cited Deep Learning Papers (2017):
+ http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/most-cited-deep-learning-papers

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