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Mayan Playing Cards

Source: http://www.wopc.co.uk/russia/maya

Mayan Playing Cards - V. M. Sveshnikov, St. Petersburg (1975)

"'Maya' playing cards were designed by Russian artist V. M. Sveshnikov and first published by The Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, in 1975. The Russian connection to Mayan art stems from when Russian linguist Yuri Knorosov helped crack the code of the Maya glyphs. The intricate designs are inspired by ancient Mayan iconography found in original Mayan artworks from Mexico. The artist's attention to detail also includes the Tzolkin Calendar glyphs on each side of the cards. The Maya civilization (AD 300-900) was one of the most sophisticated in pre-Columbian America and extended from Mexico across Guatemala, Belize and the western parts of Honduras and El Salvador."
+ https://www.pinterest.com/explore/mayan-symbols/

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Mayan Playing Cards
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